USB-C battery packs and other third-party chargers will reportedly be supported by new MacBook

MacBook USB-C port

Finding accessories that support different pieces of technology isn’t always easy, and that has been especially the case with previous generation Macs.

That’s due in large part to Apple’s proprietary MagSafe technology, and the hurdles associated with building new third-party accessories for it. However, according to a new report citing unnamed sources “close to the situation,” Apple is changing its tune when it comes to the newest MacBook and USB-C. The report states that Apple will not be doing anything to limit the functionality of the new cable type or port, or any accessories for that matter.

Essentially, if the report is accurate, it means that Apple will allow for a plethora of third-party accessories, as long as they support USB-C, which could potentially include external batteries to charge up the MacBook while on the go, or even other Macs to get the job done if the situation calls for it.

According to the sources, any charging solution that meets the USB Power Delivery specifications should work with the new MacBook, which should leave the doors wide open for third-party manufacturers to take advantage of. There’s no doubt that the inclusion of the USB-C port has led plenty of conversation and debate for the new MacBook, but if it means that there are new options for accessories for the portable, it’s certainly sounding better and better.

Apple already has its own USB-C accessory, a pair of them actually, that look to replace a majority of the missing ports from the MacBook, which starts at $79. Belkin and Google, though, have just revealed plenty of cables and adapters with USB-C, which, based on this report, should not have any issues working with the new MacBook.

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[via 9to5Mac]

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