How to use iMessage on your Windows PC with Remote Messages [Jailbreak Only]

Something I use all the time on a daily basis is the Messages app on my Mac. But, some people that have iPhones don’t necessarily have a Mac and can’t send iMessages with their Windows PC. However, if you download Remote Messages on your jailbroken iPhone, to use iMessages on your Windows PC.

It’s a pretty straight forward set up. All you get need to do is download and install Remote Messages from Cydia and jump into the settings for the tweak. Make sure that it’s enabled, that there’s an IP address and a port number. For example, I use port 333.


If you want to secure your connection, you can do so with credentials. Just input them for the username and password and you’re ready to connect to your iPhone through your browser. Just open a new tab in your browser and type in the IP address that you see on your iPhone along with the port number. For instance, if the IP was and port was 333 in the URL bar, you’d type After hitting [enter] you’ll be prompted to input your credentials if you provided them.


Once you log in, you’ll see all your conversations on the right hand side that you can send messages to. You can send photos that are saved on your phone through Remote Messages as well.


Check out the video below for a walkthrough:

Let us know if you’ll be using Remote Messages in the comments below!