Video: Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner compared to iPhone 6’s Touch ID


One of the many improvements Samsung made to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge was a brand new fingerprint scanner that no longer requires a swipe, but a simple tap, just like Apple’s Touch ID. But is it as good as Touch ID? Find out in this comparison video.

After testing out the incredible flash storage speeds of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, PhoneArena turned its attention to their fingerprint sensors, which promise to be significantly more reliable than previous Samsung finger scanners.

The Galaxy S5’s was a bitter disappointment for most users, and ended up with a reputation for being slow, inconsistent, and unreliable. While the sensor was improved for the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, it still wasn’t accurate enough for most.

The root of the problem, it seems, is that previous Samsung finger scanners required you to swipe your finger over the home button, rather than just place your fingertip on it. And if you didn’t get it quite right, it didn’t work.

But for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung has done away with that approach and adopted a scanner that’s a lot like Touch ID, requiring nothing more than a simple tap. Even the setup process is identical to Apple’s.

“Registering a new fingerprint in TouchWiz is now done in a way very similar to how it works on iOS,” PhoneArena describes.

“You will be asked to touch the scanner multiple times, and a nice, smooth animation will give you feedback, letting you know that the software is doing its work, remembering how your finger looks from each different angle.”

Those changes appear to have paid off. While the Galaxy S6 seems to unlock “a bit slower” than the iPhone 6, it’s now just as good at recognizing registered fingerprints on the first try. In normal use cases, users “wouldn’t notice a difference,” PhoneArena says.

You can see how the Galaxy S6’s scanner compares to the iPhone 6’s in the video below.

As someone who’s already gotten used to the reliability of Touch ID, and has a keen interest in the Galaxy S6, I think it’s great that Samsung has finally nailed its fingerprint sensor. It may have had to copy Apple to do it, but at least users have a scanner worth using now.

[via PhoneArena]