Only 11 percent teenagers in US are interested in the Apple Watch; iPhones and iPad continue to remain popular


According to a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray’s Gene Muster, teenagers in the United States are not that interested in purchasing an Apple Watch

The survey asked nearly 6,200 teenagers in the U.S., and only 11 percent of them said that they were interested in purchasing the smartwatch. This is lower than the 16 percent interest that teenagers had shown on the Apple Watch in fall last year.

Apple Watch interest among teenagers

Of the 11 percent teenagers who were interested in the Apple Watch, majority of them wanted it for its style statement, which was followed by its design.

We believe the lower purchase intent reflects a wait and see approach to the Watch as it seems unclear what will be the “killer app” for the Watch. We expect teens to be a good market for the Apple Watch given the popularity of the iPhone, but believe it will take time for influencers (celebrities) to make the watch popular among teens.

While the Apple Watch might not be that popular among youngsters, iPhone and iPad still rule among their hearts and mind. 66 and 64 percent of the surveyed teenagers already owned an iPhone and iPad respectively, with 72 percent of them expect their next smartphone to be an iPhone.

Apple products survey among teenagers

60 percent teenagers are sure about an iPad being their next tablet, but surprisingly, 20 percent teenagers want their next tablet to run on Windows. Android tablets are not that popular among teenagers, and only 18 percent of them were interested in buying one as their next tablet.

Analyst Gene Muster keeps conducting this survey every six months to estimate the demand and popularity of Apple products among teenagers. It will be interesting to see whether the Apple Watch popularity rises six months down the line or not.

Are you interested in the Apple Watch or are you waiting for some “killer apps” for it?

[Via MacRumors]