Best Cydia Tweaks of the Week – [March 29 – April 2]

This week in the best tweaks of the week, you’ll be delighted to see a stacked lineup. We have a lot of really awesome tweaks that if you haven’t experienced yet, you need to. Let’s take a closer look!

Multify – $5

This is a tweak that could change the way that you use your device. It gives you very quick single tap access to multiple applications. And if you’re a hardcore multitasked, you can even resize all your app windows to use the apps simultaneously on your springboard.


Cask – Free

This is a brand new tweak on Ryan Petrich’s beta repo ( that animates the table views, notifications, and more. This is a much better tweak to see in action, so check out the video below for a closer look at all the animations.


Auxo Legacy Edition – $1.99 ($0.99 upgrade)

If you weren’t around during the first days of Auxo, you missed out. It was a ground breaking tweak when it was released and everyone loved it. Now, it’s been brought back in it’s original form to iOS 8. It’s a much cleaner version of Auxo 2, with not as much going on. In my opinion, it’s better than Auxo 2. Check it out for yourself.


Multidelete – Free

Sometimes it’s nice to have a tweak that makes it easier on you to clean up your springboard. This is a tweak that does just that. If you want to delete multiple apps in one fell swoop, pick up Multidelete from Cydia.


OneHandWizard – $3.99

Using a iPhone 6 Plus one handed can be a little daunting at first, or maybe even still. If you have a hard time using your device with one hand, but you need to do so on many occasions, try out OneHandWizard. With a simple double tap of the home button, your screen is shrunk to make it much easier to use one handed. The size is adjustable just by tapping and dragging on the top corner. See below for a close look.

If you’d like a walkthrough of these tweaks, check them out right here:

Let us know what you think about these tweaks in the comments below!

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