Build-to-order MacBook now shipping out to customers

image Apple MacBook

Earlier today, Apple started sending out emails informing customers that their build-to-order 1.3GHz MacBook has been shipped from its factories.

The company had given a shipping estimate of 3-4 weeks to customers who had ordered the build-to-order variant of the laptop on April 10, so many will be surprised by the laptop shipping so soon. In addition, many customers who are ordering the laptop now are receiving shipping estimates of only a week.

Apple MacBook now shipping

The base and 1.2GHz models of the new MacBook did not face any such issues, and Apple started sending them out to customers soon after it received their orders.

The new MacBook is still not available for purchase through Apple’s retail store though, with some stores even lacking a display unit.

It was earlier today that Apple started shipping out the first batch of Apple Watch pre-order units to customers for delivery on April 24.

[Via MacRumors]