Here’s how some of the popular apps look on Apple Watch [Screenshots]

Apple Watch - Digital crown

Up until now, we have seen a lot of iOS apps getting updated for the Apple Watch, but we have only seen app renders of how these apps actually look on the smartwatch itself.

Now, thanks to a new tool from developer Steven Troughton-Smith, we can have our first look at screenshots of some of the app running on the Apple Watch. Below, we have compiled a gallery of screenshots of some of the popular apps like Twitter, 1Password, Instagram, Flipboard and more running on the Apple Watch.

If you would like to see the screenshots of other apps running on the Apple Watch, simply download this tool from the developer, and paste the iTunes Store link of the app into it to get all their screenshots.






Microsoft OneNote


As evident from the screenshots above, all the apps are using a black background on the Apple Watch to preserve battery life since it comes with an AMOLED screen.

[Via Steve T-S]