How to install Cydia manually if you deleted it by mistake

All-new Cydia

Oops! If you have a jailbroken device you know that Cydia is the life-line to all your jailbreak needs. Cydia is where you install your tweaks, update apps, and purchase items and it is never a good idea to delete it. So, if you accidentally deleted it, “oops” won’t be the only four-letter word coming out of your mouth. Nevertheless, if you have somehow removed Cydia from your device there are a few ways for you to bring it back.

How to install Cydia manually if you deleted it by mistake

Method 1: Use iFile

To use this method you will need to have had iFile already installed on your device. Next, open Safari and head to this URL and find the latest update of Cydia for your device. I would recommend using the search function for “Cydia” since the list is very long. Once you have the correct version, use iFile to open and install Cydia onto your device. After a quick reboot, Cydia will be available on your device.

Method 2: OpenSSH

If you are familiar with the first iterations of jailbreaks then you probably have dealt with SSH. If you haven’t, this method shouldn’t be too hard anyhow. Again, you need to already have OpenSSH installed on your device. You will also need APT 0.6 or 0.7. Using OpenSSH enter in the command: apt-get install cydia followed by Enter. Then type: su mobile -c uicache followed by Enter. Your device will reboot and you should have Cydia again.

Method 3: Use Redsn0w

If you have an A4 device (iPhone 4, iPod 4, and iPad 1 or older), you can reinstall Cydia using Redsn0w. Download and open the latest version of Redsn0w and hit Jailbreak, but make sure to only check the “Install Cydia” box (instead of jailbreaking your jailbreak) and finish the process.

Method 4: Jailbreak your device… again

Lastly, you will have you to restore your device and simply jailbreak your device again. This method will install Cydia during the jailbreak process. However, before you restore your device, you need to check if the latest iOS version can be jailbroken. For example, iOS 8.3 which is the latest version cannot be jailbroken, so you won’t be able to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad if you restore your device to iOS 8.3. Check out our jailbreak page to check if there is a jailbreak version for the latest iOS software update before proceeding with this method.

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