How to schedule fake calls to escape terrible dates and boring meetings

Meeting - Boring

We have all been there before. You’re sitting at an endless dinner or stuck in an hour-long meeting, just praying that it will all be over soon. Instead of lying or creating some story to escape, why not use your brains and your smartphone to create the perfect excuse.

How to schedule fake calls to escape terrible dates and boring meetings

Maybe you’ve asked a friend to call you so you could leave a situation with making a scene. But if you don’t have that friend, or need to quick solution, you can actually schedule fake calls with the Smart Fake Call app. Download it for free in the Apple App Store (iTunes link).

Step 1

After downloading the application, open it up and tap on the Settings icon. Here you can change the image of the caller, the ringtone, and background. Since the default is President Bill Clinton, you will probably want to change the photo and name to that of an actual contact in your phone and tap Done.

Edit - Smart Fake Call


Step 2

Next, you will want to set up the time for the call. To do so, tap on the phone icon with a bolt through it. This will take you to the call screen. You can either set a time in the future or tap on the “Start Call” icon to receive an immediate fake call.

Schedule - Smart Fake Call

Once your time is set, it will automatically exit out and take you to a fake home screen like this:

Fake - Homescreen

Sadly, the application will only work if you have the screen on and opened to the Smart Fake Call screen. If you exit out by tapping the Home button or turn your screen off, your scheduled call will not go through. With that in mind, you will want to limit future calls to a few minutes at most or else your phone is useless until then.

Step 3

With a proper time set and a legit contact image in place, you can now take advantage of your fake call. Unlike other fake call applications, Smart Fake Call actually play a recorded message when you answer the phone. You can select which voice you’d like to hear in Settings.

Fake Call - Voice Option

How will you use Fake Smart Calls? Let us know in the comment section.