IFTT Do Button, Do Note apps get Apple Watch support in latest updates

IFTT Do Apple Watch apps

The Apple Watch is set to go on sale April 24, and many pre-orders will hopefully be fulfilled by then. As such, many iOS apps are getting updated with support for the upcoming wearable.

Adding to the growing list is the Do Button and Do Note apps from If This Then That (IFTT). With IFTT, users can automate certain elements from one mobile app to another, completing tasks as quickly as possible without having to jump through many hoops. Now, IFTT is adding Watch support for two of the more popular apps, with Do Button users will be able to control hardware and software with just the tap of a button. Do Note, which lets notes get shared automatically to other services, like Facebook.

Do Note’s Apple Watch support will see the app’s “recipes” translate over to the Watch, so the wearer can turn off their Nest smart thermostat with just a tap of a button. And with Do Note, the Watch can be used to dictate notes which will then be shared to the services already connected through the main app.

For iPad owners, the good news continues, as IFTT is bringing Do Note, Do Button and Do Camera to Apple’s tablet as well after launching them for iPhone in February.


  • Do Button — Free
  • Do Note — Free
  • [via 9to5Mac]

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