Touch ID not working for many users in App Store on iOS 8.3

touch id iphone 6

Last night, Apple released iOS 8.3 with a bunch of bug fixes, and stability and performance improvements. However, the update seems to have removed the ability to authorize App Store purchases and downloads via Touch ID for many. 

Hundreds of iPhone and iPad Air 2/iPad mini 3 users are reporting on Apple’s Support communities and Reddit that after upgrading to iOS 8.3, they have completely lost the ability to use Touch ID in the App Store. Instead of prompting them to verify their fingerprint before purchasing or downloading any new app, the App Store now asks users to enter the password of their Apple ID. Even disabling and re-enabling Touch ID for App Store has not solved the issue for the affected users, and at the moment, there does not seem to be any temporary workaround to this problem.

It is likely that Apple will have to rollout a minor point update — iOS 8.3.1 in all probability — to quickly fix this issue.

In recent times, Apple has been widely criticized for the dwindling quality of its iOS release. iOS 8 was the most buggiest release of iOS ever, and Apple had to release quite a few point and major releases of iOS to squash all the bugs. The Cupertino company even managed to bork the network for all iPhone users with the iOS 8.0.1 update.

Is Touch ID working perfectly for you in the iOS App Store on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.3?

[Via MacRumors]