Video: Apple Watch try-on appointment experience


Apart from going up for pre-order, the try-on appointments of the Apple Watch also started from today for customers.

Many websites and Apple enthusiasts — who were lucky enough to schedule a try-on appointment for today — have posted videos detailing the whole experience.

Below, we round up some of the best videos that provide us with a quick look at the Apple Watch and how the try-on appointments would work. The videos also give us an idea of how busy Apple Stores across the world are today due to the launch of the Apple Watch and the new MacBook.

In addition to the above videos, make sure to read this piece from The Verge detailing their experience of trying on the Apple Watch in three different Apple stores. Business Insider also has a great piece on trying out the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition, which turned out to be pretty disappointing.

Did you get to try the Apple Watch at your nearest Apple Store today? If yes, how was your experience? Drop in a comment and let us know.