Apple preparing first major update for the Apple Watch and ‘TVKit’ SDK for the Apple TV

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The Apple Watch is a brand new piece of technology running a brand new OS under the hood, so obviously there’s room to grow.

Now, according to a report published recently by 9to5Mac, Apple is preparing the first “significant” software upgrade for the Apple Watch, which will add plenty of noteworthy features, as well as improve what’s already on board. The main tenants of the update involve security, health and fitness, and even better connectivity with other Apple-branded devices.

First and foremost, and what will help those who purchased a Watch sleep better, is a bump to the security features within the wearable. The report indicates that Apple is putting together a “Find my Watch” feature, which will work exactly like the “Find my iPhone” feature for Apple’s iOS-based mobile device. Meaning, if the Watch is misplaced or stolen, users will be able to wipe or lock the accessory.

Apple will make this possible with a new feature called “Smart Leashing,” as it’s known internally. The report cites unnamed sources, saying that this feature will use the Watch’s wireless signal to discern its location in relation to the owner’s iPhone. As noted in the report, this means that if someone leaves their iPhone on a table and walks away, the Watch can gently tap their wrist to let them know they’re leaving their phone behind:

Apple wants to give [a user] a tap or a light notice if it thinks [he or she is] accidentally leaving [the] phone somewhere.

Unfortunately, this specific feature could be further out than some other new additions to the Watch, as the sources suggest it could need a better chip under the hood.

One other new feature could be tied to the heartbeat sensor within the Watch, as a source cited in the report indicates Apple is testing the idea of the Watch being able to notify the wearer of an irregular heartbeat, if the situation comes up. However, the source also states that this feature might not ever make it out of the testing labs, as government regulation, and concerns of potential liability might dissuade Apple from releasing it.

Of note, Apple is reportedly also developing “Complications,” for third-party applications. This would allow, for instance, the Twitter application to show the wearer how many unread tweets they have even before they dig into the app.

And, finally, the report also shines some light on the next-generation Apple TV, which will reportedly use the Apple Watch as one major input device for the set-top box. On top of that, the new Apple TV will reportedly be quite thinner than the current generation Apple TV, but won’t retain the puck-like shape. It will launch with third-party app support, as has been previously rumored, and the report suggests the Apple Tv will be unveiled in June at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Are you excited about the future of the Apple Watch and Apple TV?

[via 9to5Mac]