How to get Quick Reply feature for Viber [Jailbreak Tweak]

Viber Quick Reply

Viber is quite a popular cross-platform messaging app for iOS and an alternative to WhatsApp. If you use it frequently to keep in touch with friends and families, you should consider checking out a new jailbreak tweak that will improve your experience using the app.

Dubbed as ‘QuickReplier for Viber’, the tweak does exactly as its name suggests. It adds a Quick Reply feature to Viber so that you can easily respond to messages from anywhere within iOS.

When you receive a notification banner from Viber, you can swipe it down to the bottom of the screen to view Quick Reply in full screen. Just like Couria tweak, the Quick Reply interface displays the complete conversation you’ve had with the recipient and allows you to reply to the message or send a picture directly from there without launching the Viber app.

In addition, Viber notifications that are displayed on Lock screen or Notification Center can be swiped to the left to invoke Quick Reply. With that said, the feature will be available for both individual and group conversations.

Once you install the tweak, the first thing you have to do after respringing your iPhone is to enable Viber from Couria’s preferences pane. The pane can be accessed from Settings and allows you to customize the theme of the Quick Reply interface as well as enable or disable authentication.

The tweak also comes with a separate preferences pane where you can view the configuration options provided. Unfortunately, when I tried it, the pane kept on displaying “error loading the preference bundle” message even after re-installing it several times. However you can still continue to use the Quick Reply feature provided by the tweak.

If you use Viber on a regular basis, you should consider checking out this tweak to make chatting more easier on your iPhone. ‘QuickReplier for Viber 2’ can be purchased for $1.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo and supports iOS 8 devices.