PopSlate adds a second screen on the back of the iPhone 6

PopSlate case

One of the added benefits of the Apple Watch is notifications, information even, easily accessible without having to handle the iPhone when you don’t need to, or want to.

For those that might not want to buy a smartwatch right now, looking for other ideas might be an option. That’s where PopSlate comes in, which has developed a case for the iPhone 6 that shares the same name as the company. With this case, which is also designed to protect the iPhone, owners can take full advantage of an e-ink display on the back of the smartphone.

In a recent review of the product, Walt Mossberg of Re/code, noted that the accessory works as advertised, and that there weren’t any bugs to speak of. However, Mossberg did note that the case’s functionality is distinctly limited right now, as the case can only show images right now. Those images can either be right from the owner’s camera roll, from PopSlate’s social media feed, or from Instagram. There’s a button on the side of the case that will allow owners to cycle through photos for easy customization, too.

PopSlate does have plans to launch a software development kit (SDK) for the case, which it hopes will prompt third-party developers to create content for the display, which will theoretically open up possibilities for the accessory. Right now, a lack of real-time information from other apps, like a calendar prompt or even a weather alert, leaves an opening for more.

PopSlate IFTT support

For those that are familiar with If That Then This (IFTT), a website that allows for “recipes” to be created that allow actions to be handled automatically when a certain element is fulfilled. If a news alert from your favorite source pops up, you can set it up to get automatically emailed to you, for instance. PopSlate has worked IFTT support into the case, and Mossberg was able to take an early peek at its capabilities. He said that it worked well enough, and it’s certainly an option for those that want to take the extra steps to get information presented on the display, but PopSlate won’t be truly helpful until it no longer has to rely on IFTT to share that information.

As for the case itself, Mossberg says it’s thin but sturdy, and well made. It should do the trick for protecting the smartphone.

The PopSlate is on sale right now from the company’s website, available below, for $129. What do you think of the case?

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