Clear all notifications at once on your iPhone with PullBulletin [Jailbreak Tweak]


Notification Center is one of the most useful feature of iOS that lets users view all the pending notifications in one place. However, it can become quite a tedious task when it gets piled up with a bunch of notifications that you have to remove. PullBulletin is a new jailbreak tweak that saves your day by making it easier to manage your pending notifications in Notification Center.

The tweak lets you remove all the unread notifications at once with just a single gesture. Normally, you have to remove each batch of notifications one by one by tapping on ‘X’ followed by the ‘Clear’ button.

PullBulletin makes this task a whole lot easier by allowing users to swipe down Notification Center to clear all the pending notifications at once rather than removing each one at a time. You can also swipe Notification Center upwards to mark all as read when your at the end of the page.

Once you install the tweak, there are no settings to configure. Simply open the Notifications tab of Notification Center and swipe it down to mark all the pending notifications as read. As you do so, you will view an animated indicator that is colored white. Once it turns orange, you can release it to clear all the notifications.

PullBulletin is definitely a handy tweak and works perfectly as advertised. If you don’t like having a messy Notification Center, you should consider checking out this tweak.

To get your hands on PullBulletin, it can be downloaded and installed for free via Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Sound off in the comments section below once you’ve given this tweak a try.

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