Tim Cook says Apple Watch will be available in store in June; Apple Pay still planned for China

Tim Cook in China

Right now, for the Apple Watch units out in the wild and on wrists, the wearable’s first Watch OS update is just now arriving.

But for those that are still waiting to get their Watch, and who might not want to buy the wearable online, Tim Cook has reportedly confirmed, via unnamed sources, that the Apple Watch will indeed go on sale in Apple’s physical stores beginning sometime in June. This lines up with previous reports, which have noted the Watch won’t be available in Apple Stores before June, and with what Apple’s own Angela Ahrendts has said in the past.

Cook also said that he’s very happy with the launch of the Watch so far, and wishes that he could have more engineers and operations staff so that they could have made the launch a lot smoother, but so far it’s been excellent. What’s more, Cook also confirmed that the Apple Watch’s launch in Apple Stores will include stores in China as well.

Cook, while speaking to employees in China, also confirmed that Apple Pay is still in talks to land in the region at some point in the future. Cook said that part of the reason he went to China, along with Apple’s Eddy Cue, was to talk with potential Pay partners:

I think we’ve made progress [on Apple Pay China], Cook said.

There isn’t a timetable, apparently, but Cook does hope that it launches in China “soon.” Moreover, he wants Apple Pay in China to reflect that of Apple Pay in the United States, with the same features and implementation.

There’s quite a bit to look forward to from Apple still, especially in China, and for anyone that wants to buy an Apple Watch in an actual store. Have you held off on buying an Apple Watch until you can get it in store?

[via 9to5Mac]