Apple Pay transactions in the UK will be limited to £20

Apple Pay - Wells Fargo

At WWDC earlier this month, Apple announced that it would be bringing Apple Pay to the United Kingdom sometime in July. The company also revealed names of the banks that will be supporting the service at launch.

Today, the company has updated the Apple Pay FAQ page on its website to answer some questions surrounding the launch of its wireless payment service in the country. The FAQ confirms that maximum transaction amount of Apple Pay will be limited to £20 with some retailers and in certain out-of-date terminals. This transaction limit will increase to £30 in September.

Apple Pay allows your customers to make easy and secure contactless payments at any amount. If your payment terminal or payment provider doesn’t support the latest network specifications, as with contactless debit and credit cards today, your customers might need to insert their card if the transaction amount is over £20.

To accept Apple Pay for transactions over £20, your payment terminal must be capable and configured properly, and your payment provider needs to support the latest network contactless specifications.

Retailers and Point-of-Sale terminals that feature support for ”Consumer Device Cardholder Verification” will only be able to allow contactless payment of any amount. This, however, requires an updated software on the PoS terminal, which might take time to be installed on payment terminals across the UK.

When Apple Pay launches next month in the UK though, payments through Apple Pay will be limited to £20 across a majority of retailers and payment terminals, which might slow down the adoption of the wireless payment service in the country.

Apple Pay will launch in the UK next month, and will be supported by eight major banks of the country except for Barclays.