Apple unveils watchOS 2 with new Watch Faces, native apps, Time Travel and more

image watchOS 2

At WWDC today, Apple announced a major update to watchOS — the OS that powers the Apple Watch. watchOS 2 will bring support for native apps to the smartwatch along with some other new features.

Watch Faces

New watch faces in watchOS 2.0

watchOS 2.0 comes with beautiful and handy new watch faces like Photo Face or Photo Album Face. These watch faces will allow users to use their own images as the background for the watch face that can change every time they lift their wrist to check the time.

Additionally, developers will also be able to create their own Complications with watchOS 2. This will allow developers to provide users with more and relevant information right to the wrist of their users.



With watchOS 2.0, Apple is opening up Complications to third-party apps from the App Store. This will allow the watch to display relevant information to users without requiring them to open the app first.

Time Travel

Time Travel in watchOS 2.0

Time Travel will allow Watch owners to check up on future appointments, or other future data, right from the watch face of their choice. The Time Travel feature will work with the Digital Crown, allowing for the wearer to simply scroll the Digital Crown and gain information as it changes on the watch face.


There is also a new Nightstand mode in watchOS 2 that will automatically display the time and the upcoming alarm when the smartwatch is on charge. In this mode, the Digital Crown will act as a snooze button while the side button will turn off the alarm.

Native App Support

This will allow developers to create apps that can run and directly process data on the Apple Watch itself. This will lead to faster app opening/closing and response times and more.

Workout app

Apple has updated Workout app with watchOS 2 to allow users to share their activity and workout achievements to Facebook, Twitter and Messages.

Additionally, developers of other fitness apps will now be able to contribute with their data to the Activity rings that will make it more useful. Apple Watch owners will also be able to use Siri to directly start a workout now.


With HomeKit support in watchOS 2, Apple Watch owners would be able to directly control lights and other HomeKit-compatible accessories through various Apple Watch apps.

Access to core hardware

watchOS 2

Apple is providing developers with access to core hardware of the Apple Watch like the microphone, accelerometer, speaker, Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, and more with watch OS 2. This will allow developers to create richer apps for the smartwatch.

Apps will now also be able to playback videos on the smartwatch thereby allowing users to view videos sent by their friends right on their wrist.


Siri in watchOS 2.0
Siri in watchOS 2.0

watchOS 2 will also bring updated Apple Maps with Transit navigation support, updated Apple pay app, Siri with enhanced voice controls that will allow users to directly start a workout and more.

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