Apple patent hints at sharing files with the Apple Watch by shaking hands

Apple Watch share data patent

The Apple Watch is a source of convenience for plenty of things, and based on a new patent application from Apple, sharing files from one smartwatch to another could be coming down the pipe eventually.

The patent app was discovered by Patently Apple and outlines how, just by shaking hands, an Apple Watch user would share important files, including contact information, with another smartwatch owner. Actually, the application outlines how the sharing could actually be started by other gestures, too, including a “fist bump,” or even bowing. Thanks to the gesture controls, no other taps would be necessary to instigate the exchange, including tapping on the display.

To go further, Apple outlines how some gestures could be tied to sharing specific data, as well as how well you might know the other person you’re sharing data with. So, if you’re sharing with your mother, and you fist bump her, you’ll share some contact info. As is par for the course for Apple-related patents, there’s no telling when, or even if, this feature will ever see the light of day, but it would certainly be nice.

[via Patently Apple; WIPO]