Facebook lets users sign up for Messenger without an account

Messenger - Icon

Up until now, Facebook has required an account tied to the social network to access Messenger, the company’s ridiculously popular messaging app.

That changes beginning today, though. As announced via its Newsroom, Facebook is dropping the requirement that a Facebook account is required to make use of the platform. Now, all a user will need is a phone number, their name and a photo.

Once they sign in, they’ll have access to all of the Facebook Messenger features that a user with an account would have, including stickers, messages (obviously), group chats, the ability to send photos, as well as take advantage of video and voice calls.

The new log-in setting is available in Canada, the United States, Venezuela and Peru for now.

A link to the iOS app is available below for those that haven’t installed it just yet.


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[via Facebook Newsroom]