Microsoft acquires popular task management app Wunderlist

Wunderlist for iOS

For many large companies, like Microsoft and Apple, acquiring smaller ones that are creating popular services or apps is just part of the routine.

And now Microsoft has continued with the trend with yet another high-profile acquisition of its own. This time it’s one of the most popular task management and to-do list apps available for several platforms, called Wunderlist. Today, on June 2, the founder and CEO of the house that built Wunderlist, Christian Reber, confirmed that the team will be joining Microsoft.

What that means for Wunderlist is incoming new features down the road. Immediately, Reber confirmed that nothing will be changing as far as development is concerned, and that the team plans on still supporting Wunderlist, Wunderlist Pro and Wunderlist for Business. At some point down the road, though, the developer says that new features will be added to Wunderlist, which probably means some new Microsoft goodies baked inside.

Over the next few months as Wunderlist becomes a part of the Microsoft family, we’ll introduce a host of new features, continue growing the ecosystem of partner integrations and progress in delivering Wunderlist to billions of people. We are excited and can’t wait to share with you what we have been working on–watch this space!

This isn’t the first high-profile acquisition for Microsoft this year. In February, the company picked up Sunrise, one of the most popular calendar apps for iOS (and other platforms). It will be interesting to see the future of Wunderlist.

Wunderlist is available for both iOS and OS X, with links to both free apps below.


  • Wunderlist for iOS — Free
  • Wunderlist for Mac — Free
[via Wunderlist]