Notifyr, the app that brings iOS notifications to your Mac, goes free


Notifyr, the handy app that lets you view iOS notifications on your Mac in real-time, is now free for a limited time — down from $4.99.

Notifyr makes your Mac and iOS devices work even more seamlessly together by allowing you to view incoming notifications for all your apps as soon as they arrive. You can read WhatsApp and Facebook messages, see when you have new followers on Instagram or Twitter, and lots more.

Not only does it mean you don’t have to keep picking up your iOS device while you’re working at your Mac, but it helps you establish whether or not you need to act on the notifications you’re receiving, because you know whether your latest alert was for an urgent SMS or a poke on Facebook.

And when you need to, you can easily mute incoming alerts so that they can’t distract you.

Notifyr uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE to communicate with your Mac, so it’s good on battery life even if you use it all day. However, you will need to ensure your Mac is compatible with the Notifyr companion. As long as you have a modern machine, you should be okay.

Notifyr is a terrific tool for those who use Mac and iOS devices together, and it’s well worth a download while it’s totally free.

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