OS X 10.11 Rumor Roundup: Everything we know about Apple’s next major OS X update

osx-mavericks-logoApple is holding its annual developer’s conference next week at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco, California. The 5-day conference will kick off with a keynote on June 8th where Apple is expected to unveil OS X 10.11 alongside iOS 9 and other services. Much like iOS 9, OS X 10.11 is expected to focus on stability and performance improvements. What exciting new features do we expect to see in OS X 10.11? Read on to find out.

Rootless, Trusted WiFi and more

Under the hood, Apple may be adding features that make the operating system safer and more convenient for consumers to use. Specifically, the company may add a new kernel-level security system called Rootless that will protect the operating system from malware and also prevent users from accessing protected files necessary for the operation of OS X.

To make it easy to connect to know WiFi networks, Apple may introduce a “Trusted WiFI” feature that allows Mac and iOS devices to connect to trusted WiFi routers with minimal configuration. With this feature, non-trusted routers would be subject to stringent security and encryption requirements.

On the cloud side, Apple also may be converting native apps such as Notes, Reminders and Calendar to iCloud Drive, using the online storage solution to sync data across devices. For the consumer, this means changes on one device will appear on another device almost immediately.

iOS Maps

Control Center, Maps and More

Besides core system changes, Apple also is planning to improve user-focused features such as Control Center and Maps. Contol Center may get an iOS overhaul adding mucic playback controls and toggles for Do Not Disturb, Bluetooth and WiFi. Similar to iOS, Maps may receive an update to include transit data that includes route details and schedules for bus, trains, and other public transportation. Apple also may be adopting the Apple Watch font San Francisco as the default font for OS X 10.11 and also iOS 9.

Other details, such as the name for the operating system and other major features, remain unknown. This uncertainty gives us plenty of room to speculate about the items we want to see in the next version of OS X.

Are you excited about these OS X 10.11 features? What’s on your wish list? When you are done, don’t forget to mark your calendar to join us next week for non-stop coverage of WWDC as it unfolds.