Report: Apple orders flexible circuit boards to accommodate Force Touch in iPhone 6s

Force Touch iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Apple has increased its orders of flexible circuit boards to accommodate Force Touch in the upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, according to sources in its supply chain. The orders are so large they are expected to generate record profits for two of Apple’s partners.

“Both Zhen Ding and Flexium will see their revenues climb starting June, and are set to report brisk revenue results for the second half of 2015, said the sources,” reports DigiTimes“Orders from Apple, mainly those for high-end FPCBs, will also boost profitability at both Zhen Ding and Flexium, which are expected to generate record profits for all of 2015.”

Both companies have already seen their earnings per share climb significantly in 2015 as a result of Apple’s business, but when the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus enter mass production in the coming months, profits are expected to skyrocket.

Presumably, flexible circuit boards allow users to apply pressure to their device — which is required for Force Touch — without putting strain on the logic board that’s sitting beneath the display. But it’s hard to imagine we’ll need to press down on our iPhones that hard to use the feature.

After all, Force Touch doesn’t require a great deal of pressure on Apple Watch.

It’s still unclear whether Apple will make any changes to the iPhone’s display to accommodate the feature, which will reportedly arrive this fall. Recent reports have claimed the company will adopt flexible OLED displays for its smartphones — but not until 2018 at the earliest.