The new Apple TV hardware announcement is reportedly not happening at WWDC 2015


Leading up to this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, there was a lot of talk that Apple’s refreshed Apple TV hardware would be announced at the event.

Now, based on a report published recently by the New York Times, that will apparently not be the case after all. Apple did reportedly plan on debuting the new hardware at this year’s keynote at the conference, which takes place on Monday, June 8, but that is no longer the plan.

According to the report, the reason for the cancellation of the announcement stems from Apple not considering the product ready to get revealed to the public:

The company planned as recently as mid-May to use the event to spotlight new Apple TV hardware, along with an improved remote control and a tool kit for developers to make apps for the entertainment device. But those plans were postponed partly because the product was not ready for prime time, according to two people briefed on the product.

The new hardware for the Apple TV has been rumored in the past to feature updates including Siri voice commands, and a brand new remote for the set-top box, which would include a touchscreen of sorts. While the news of the lack of new hardware is bad enough, this comes hot on the heels of a report earlier in the month that confirmed Apple would not be debuting its subscription TV service at WWDC 2015, either.


Re/code is also reporting that new Apple TV will not be unveiled at WWDC.

[via NY Times]