Apple continues hiring key automobile industry experts for its ‘Titan’ car project

image Apple Car concept3

A report from the Wall Street Journal claims that Apple recently recruited two major automobile industry experts to work on its own electric vehicle.

The recruited, Doug Betts, Senior Vice President of the Chrysler Group, was the head of the global operations of the company’s leading product quality. Betts has been working for Apple since July this year in  the”Operations” department. His LinkedIn profile fails to provide any more details about his new job position at Apple.

In addition to Betts, Apple also hired Paul Furgale, considered as one of the leading autonomous-vehicle researchers in Europe, so as to build a team capable of fulfilling its vision of an autonomous car. Mr. Furgale was the deputy director of the Autonomous Systems Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and has in the past worked on self-parking vehicle technology.

News about Apple building an electric car leaked earlier this year, which was then confirmed in multiple reports. Even names of the members of the team working on the Apple Car, codenamed Titan, was revealed soon after. Apple is reportedly looking to release its first autonomous vehicle by 2020, though it is entirely possible that the project may get delayed due to unforeseen issues and other technical difficulties.

[Via Wall Street Journal]