Apple updates MFi program to allow chargers to be integrated into Apple Watch stands


The release of the Apple Watch in April was followed by many third-party OEMs releasing docks, stands and other accessories for the smartwatch. Most third-party stands for the Apple Watch lack an integrated charger and featured a slot where users could insert the stock Apple charger. 

This led to a less than optimal experience and was cumbersome to say the least. Third-party OEMs were unable to integrate a charger in their stands for the smartwatch because of the limitations imposed on them by Apple. The company has now updated its Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad (MFi) licensing program to allow accessory makers to directly integrate a charging pad in their stands for the watch.

The charging components will be directly provided by Apple’s suppliers to accessory makers, so there will not be much difference in quality and charging speed when using these chargers. Since Apple has just updated its MFi guidelines though, stands and docks with built-in charging for the Apple Watch are still a few weeks away at the very minimum.

Additionally, the charger components are only available in “sample quantities” to accessory makers, so even if they have a design ready, they will need to wait for Apple to open submissions for approval before they can start mass production.

[Via 9to5Mac]