Barclays confirms it will support Apple Pay ‘in the future’

Apple Pay with U.K. cards

As Apple Pay arrives in the U.K., Barclays has today confirmed that it will support the new mobile payments service “in the future.” It’s the only major British bank that wasn’t on Apple’s initial list of supporters, but customers won’t have to miss out on it after all.

When Apple announced Apple Pay support for the U.K. at WWDC back in June, it showed a slide with a long list of U.K. banks and credit card companies that would support the service. All of the major banks were on there — except Barclays.

Customers were unhappy with the company’s decision not to support it, seemingly choosing to push its own contactless payment service called “bPay” instead. Many even threatened to switch banks just to get access to it. But it seems the many complaints have convinced Barclays to change its mind.

A recent report revealed Barclays would support the service “imminently,” and now the company has confirmed the move. “We are really excited about the launch of Apple Pay and will bring Barclays debit cards and Barclaycard credit cards to Apple Pay in future,” it announced on Twitter this morning.

It’s unclear when Barclays support will arrive, but at least customers know it’s coming soon — and they’re not the only ones that will be made to wait. While Apple Pay is being embraced by a long list of U.K. banks, only 7 will support it at launch.