Popular Quick Reply & Quick Compose tweak Couria receives an update for iOS 8.4


Couria, the popular Quick Reply and Quick Compose tweak for iOS 8, has now received an update making it compatible with iOS 8.4. If you’ve been craving for a capable quick reply and quick compose tweak then Couria is the best choice for you.

The tweak improves Quick Reply by presenting its view in full screen allowing you to view the entire conversation. When you receive a Messages notification banner, simply swipe it down to view the enhanced Quick Reply view containing the complete conversation.

In addition, one of the major features of Couria is Quick Compose which enables you to compose a message from anywhere without being in the Messages app. All you have to do is to invoke it via an Activator gesture, either from the Lock screen, Home screen or within an app. Doing so displays a list of all your recently contacted recipients.  You can either choose a contact from the list to whom you’d like to send a message or enter one manually.

Couria also comes with a dedicated preferences pane available from Settings where you can toggle it on or off and enable authentication, which requires you to enter a passcode or use Touch ID before you can use Quick Reply and view the entire conversation.

The added benefit of Couria is the ability to customize the tweak. For instance, you can change the bubble color for both the recipient and the sender as well as choose from one of the three available themes.

Overall, Couria works exceptionally well without any issues and is a great lightweight alternative to biteSMS, a very popular alternative to the Messages app. It also provides an API for developers to work with so that they can integrate it into other third-party messaging apps as well such as WhatsApp.

If you’d like to check out Couria, head to Cydia and install it for free via BigBoss repo. Make sure to let us know about the tweak in the comments section below.