The Perfect Jailbroken iPhone Setup [Take 2]

If you guys were a fan of our previous Perfect Jailbroken iPhone Setup, then you’re sure to enjoy this setup! This one is quite a bit different than the last one, but still has a minimalistic vibe, so if that’s your thing then check it out!

Lock screen

Perfect Jailbroken iPhone - Take 2 - Lock screen
  • LockGlyph changes your unlock animation.
  • Kingdom Hearts LockGlyph Theme (Repo:
  • GroovyLock needed to add lock screen widgets.
  • Cataracs (Groovy Lock Theme) (repo –
  • To customize Cataracs in iFile go to /var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock/Cataracs.theme/options.js and open with with a text viewer, then you can make the changes.
  • HideMe8 to hide all other elements (Or use HideMe8 Lite).

Passcode screen:

Perfect Jailbroken iPhone - Take 2 - Passcode screen
  • HotDog change Passcode Text.
  • Clocks Keypad – Theme Passcode Keys (Repo –

Status Bar

  • Protean
  • HideMe8
  • Wifi and Data indicators: ZOOBHOY (theme): ZB8 alt status bar-solid.

Home screen

Perfect Jailbroken iPhone - Take 2 - Home screen
  • Theme: Gotham Glyphs
    • Download Gotham Glyphs here:
    • Once downloaded, open with iFile and “Unarchive”
    • Copy the “Gotham” folders by “edit” then tapping the Gotham folders, then tapping the clipboard (bottom right) and copy.
    • Navigate to /Library/Themes then tap “Edit” and hit the clipboard again and paste it. Then the Gotham theme will be in Winterboard.
    • Also make sure you download and install “IconBundles”
  • Anchor allows you to move icons freely.
  • HideMe8 turns off wallpaper gradient.
  • HideMe8 hide icon labels.
  • NoSlowAnimations speed up system animations.
  • iWidgets tap and hold on the springboard to activate this tweak.
  • Ribbon iWdget from ZOOBHOY Eight Winterboard Theme.


Perfect Jailbroken iPhone - Take 2 - Settings
  • Eclipse 2 for the “dark mode” look.
  • Arketyp Settings (Repo –

Control Center

Perfect Jailbroken iPhone - Take 2 - Control Center
  • CCBackground allows you to add a picture to the background of the CC.
  • CCBackground wallpaper I used:
  • Acapella brings gesture-based media controls.
  • AlbumArtCenter adds album artwork to the Control Center.
  • Roundification allows you to round off the CC, NC, and banner notifications.
  • Uniformity 2 – To change CC colors –
  • Arketyp – Winterboard theme (Repo – Note: You have to have this to get the text based CC toggles/icons.
  • Arketyp CC (Repo – Note: Apply this theme in Winterboard after installing Arketyp.


Perfect Jailbroken iPhone - Take 2 - Messages
  • MessagesCustomiser (Repo – allows you to customize the look of the Messages app.
  • SleekKey (If your having issues, uninstall Flurry/Turn off Eclipse 2 for Messages)
  • Showcase makes it easier to figure out if you’re typing in capital letters or lower case by displaying upper case and lower case letters on the keyboard.






If you want to see these tweaks and themes in action, be sure to check out the video below!

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This setup was inspired by /u/vlgxo on reddit, here’s his setup:

Let us know what you think about this setup in the comments! If you want to send us your setup, feel free to post it in the comments or send it to us at and we’ll check it out, and feature in our next post!