How to replace the ‘Connect’ tab in Apple Music with ‘Playlists’

Apple Music logo

Yesterday, Apple launched its music streaming service — Apple Music — for iOS, Mac and Windows users. While the service is far from perfect, Apple does seem to have nailed down what matters the most: music.

Thanks to its team of 300+ editors and manual curation, the playlists and radios in Apple Music are consistently able to deliver foot tapping numbers.

While the ‘For You’, ‘Radio’ and ‘My Music’ section of the new Music app in iOS 8.4 are very handy, there is also a ‘Connect’ tab in the app that allows you to follow your favorite artists and listen to any content shared exclusively by them there. In many ways, Connect is a slightly reimagined version of Ping, which had failed miserably in 2010.

Connect might not be of everyone’s interest, and thankfully there is a way to completely remove the Connect’ tab from Apple Music in iOS. Simply head over to Settings -> General -> Restrictions and toggle the ‘Apple Music Connect’ option. This will disable the ‘Connect’ tab and replace it with a handy ‘Playlists’ tab that will provide you with quick access to all your playlists.


On the iPad, the ‘Playlists’ tab is displayed by default though, so disabling the ‘Connect’ tab will only hide it and not add any new tab to the Music app.

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