iPhone 6 beats Samsung Galaxy S6 in real-world gaming performance


The folks over at GameBench have pitted Samsung’s latest and greatest flagship , the Galaxy S6, against the iPhone 6 in a real-world gaming performance test.

On paper, the Galaxy S6 is superior to the iPhone 6 in every way. It comes with an octa-core processor, 3x the RAM of the iPhone 6, a bigger and higher resolution display, and a bigger battery. However, despite these advantages, the iPhone 6 performs better in real-world gaming benchmarks conducted by GameBench. The test consisted of four devices, the Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, Nexus 6 and the HTC One M9, and Apple’s 9 months old flagship handset bested its competition easily. All the devices were made to run graphically intensive games like GTA: San Andreas, Monument Valley, Marvel: Contest of Champions, and more among others to test their GPU power.


Thanks to its powerful GPU and the relatively low resolution screen, the iPhone 6 was consistently able to run games at a higher than average frame rate compared to other devices and very rarely did the it drop the fps to below 30 in games. On an average, the phone had a 10 percent performance advantage over its chief competitor: the Galaxy S6.

Keep in mind though that since the iPhone 6 features a display whose resolution is only slightly higher than 720p, it will obviously be faster than the Galaxy S6, which comes with a Quad HD resolution and has to run games at 1080p resolution at the very minimum.

The team behind GameBench will be testing the iPhone 6 Plus, which has a resolution that is closer to 1080p than the iPhone 6. A comparison between the two devices will provide a better idea of which device is better at gaming: the iPhone 6 Plus with its 9 month old internals or the Galaxy S6 with its 3+ months old internals.

[Via GameBench]