Samsung launches two new Galaxy S6 edge ads to try and make us believe the iPhone needs flashing lights

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Edge Lighting ad

dThe iPhone is the iPhone — just ask Apple, by way of its own two new video ads showcasing the company’s flagship smartphone.

Samsung, for what it’s worth, doesn’t necessarily want their phone to be an iPhone. At least, not anymore. Instead of that, the company is trying to get people to look at its latest flagship, the Galaxy S6 edge, which is equipped with a dual-edged display. To make the display seem worth it, and the price hike associated with it, Samsung included some new features, including text that scrolls along the edge for quick notification checking, and lots, and lots of color.

The pair of ads are all about the edge on the S6 edge, and how Samsung made it “easier” than ever to check up on a notification. And since Samsung calls us all a “Nation of Checkers,” apparently this is something that should help all of us. With “Edge Lighting” Galaxy S6 edge owners can assign a specific color for up to five different contacts, and then when that person calls the phone’s edge will light up. No need to flip it over and see who’s calling anymore. Just look at the ridiculously bright, flashing light.

The other ad is meant to make us “change the way we check our phone,” but, ultimately, it’s the same way any of us check our phones: by looking at the display. Instead of looking at the whole thing, though, Samsung thinks it’s better to just look at the edge and that somehow makes it different. Using only the edge display to check a text message while in a movie theater might seem like a good idea, since the whole screen doesn’t light up, but you still shouldn’t text while in a movie anyway, so stop it.

In any event, the new ads from Samsung are surely not the worst the company has ever put together, and even in the sense of “iPhone bashing,” Samsung even shies away from that a bit. Mostly because it tries to throw every other phone manufacturer under the bus, too, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

What do you think of the ads? How do you think they compare to Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6” marketing campaign?