Snapchat seems to have stopped banning user accounts for using jailbreak tweaks; Phantom updated to bypass check

Snapchat account locked

Couple of days back, Snapchat had started cracking down on users who use jailbreak tweaks for Snapchat by locking their accounts.

It looks like Snapchat has reversed its decision to crack down on jailbreakers according to the developer of Phantom, the popular Snapchat tweak that allows users to auto save snaps, disable view receipt and lots more. It should come as a relief to jailbreakers as we thought that this could turn into cat and mouse game between Snapchat and jailbreakers.

This means that you should be able to use jailbreak tweaks like Phantom with Snapchat.

Meanwhile, the developer of Snapchat has also released an update (v4.3.2-1:) for Phantom to bypass the jailbreak tweak detection check to ensure that your Snapchat account doesn’t get locked. Here’s the complete change log of Phantom 4.3.2-1:

[NOTE] Do not update Snapchat until Phantom has approved compatibility.
— Removed tweak/add-on ban check
— Full Force support for iPad users
— Fix missing Location Spoof button
— Bugfixes

Phantom Update - bypass Snapchat check

Snapchat could release a new version of the app that could make these changes ineffective. So do proceed with caution as Snapchat could again start banning user accounts again.

It may be a good idea to disable automatic updates of apps (Settings > iTunes & App Store > Updates) so that you can install the update only when Phantom is compatible with the new version.

It remains to be seen if Snapchat’s decision is short term or long term one.

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