Apple’s streaming TV service locked in negotiations due to $40 per month pricing

Apple TV Deal

One of the more consistently rumored products coming down the pipe from Apple is a streaming TV service, but so far behind-the-scenes negotiations aren’t working out all that well, based on a new report.

According to a new report from The Information on Friday, August 28, negotiations for the upcoming streaming service are still locked in heated discussions, as the networks aren’t in agreement with how much Apple wants to charge per month for the service. As it stands, the Cupertino-based company is reportedly still aiming for the oft-speculated $40 per month, but that’s simply not going over well, apparently.

There’s still a big gap between the price media companies want for their TV channels and the roughly $40 a month Apple wants to charge consumers. Something has to give.

Until something changes in the negotiations, which has even reportedly included Disney pushing for more of its own channels in the service, Apple is simply going to focus on its current hardware, like the upcoming Apple TV set-top box refresh, which is expected to be debuted at the September 9 event, which Apple recently sent out invites for. On top of that, Apple is said to focus on the Apple TV working as a hub for controlling smart-connected devices, via HomeKit, in the house.

Apple is apparently working diligently to get this streaming service off the ground, but the companies they have to negotiate with seem to be holding things up. At $40 per month, for specific packages of TV, it will be interesting to see if Apple can win the broadcasters approval, or if this is a service that simply won’t launch.

Are you looking forward to Apple’s streaming TV service?

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