The Apple Watch gets custom watch face thanks to hacked watchOS 2

Apple Watch watchOS 2 custom face

While Apple has the Apple Watch relatively locked down, in an effort to control, and promote, the best experience possible (in the company’s eyes), some developers out there want to spread the Watch’s wings.

Enter developer Hamza Sood, who has already done plenty of good work with the Watch in the past — including putting Flappy Bird on the wearable — is at it again, but this time with watch faces. In a tweet that Sood posted earlier on August 18, the developer has shown what a custom watch face looks like on the smartwatch, including animations and multiple color options.

Sood has posted the source code to GitHub for those that want to get a chance at it, and it requires watchOS 2 to take advantage of.

As it stands right now, there’s no telling whether or not Apple will eventually open up watch face development for the Watch, and let third-party developers make custom creations for owners. Of course, considering how important apps are to Apple and its mobile devices, custom watch faces will hopefully be a real thing for everyone at some point down the road.

[via MacRumors; @hamzasood]