SmartSourcePrompt provides a quick way of adding multiple Cydia sources

smartSourcePrompt Jailbreak Tweak

If there’s one thing which I wish Saurik added to Cydia, it would be the ability to quickly add multiple new sources at once. SmartSourcePrompt is a new jailbreak tweak that provides an easy way of adding a bunch of new sources to Cydia quickly.

If you have multiple sources copied to clipboard then the tweak will display a prompt when adding a new source, asking whether you’d like all the copied sources to be added. If you confirm, it will then proceed to add all the sources automatically at once. This means that you no longer have to add the new sources individually as the tweak will handle them for you.

Once installed, you can list all your sources in a place such as the Notes app. After you’re done typing them down, copy the entire list containing the URLs and launch Cydia. Go to Edit -> Add in the Sources tab. The tweak will identify all the sources automatically and display a pop up message asking whether it should add them all to Cydia. If you confirm the action then it will start adding the new repos without requiring you to add them one at a time.

SmartSourcePrompt is a very useful tweak as it can be a daunting task if you are to add a lot of sources manually after you jailbreak your device, and want to install your favorite jailbreak tweaks. It works perfectly as advertised without any issues and is worth the try especially if you have recently jailbroken your iOS 8.4 device and would like to add new third-party repositories.

If you’re eager to check it out, SmartSourcePrompt is available as a free package on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Sound off in the comments section below with your opinions on the new tweak.