Apple and Samsung agree to mediation in ongoing patent dispute


Apple and Samsung have agreed to court-supervised mediation in their ongoing patent dispute, according to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) statement filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California by attorneys representing both companies.

The pair have been battling it over various patents for several years, and although Apple was awarded $1.05 billion in damages back in 2012, the saga has continued as the South Korean company fights back and appeals its case.

Now, three years on, both Apple and Samsung have agreed to court-supervised mediation. Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero will preside over the case, according to a court filing made by attorneys this week, which reads:

Pursuant to the September 18, 2015, Case Management Order (Dkt. No. 3289), the parties jointly submit this update on alternative dispute resolution. The parties are willing to mediate with Judge Spero with a settlement conference deadline of November 15, 2015, and are conferring on scheduling.

Apple has already seen its damages reduced to $548 million following previous retrials and appeals from Samsung, but it seems the latter is still against settling the case. There’s no indication that mediation will be the end of it, either.

Both companies entered mediation talks prior to the original 2012 trial, and again before another trial in 2014 — but could not agree on an amicable resolution. We’ll find out whether a third attempt will be more successful later this year.

[via AppleInsider]