Apple TV 4 said to feature A8 processor, no 4K support, a black remote, 8/16GB storage and more

Apple TV 4 render

Earlier on September 2, a report surfaced that indicated the Apple TV 4 will start at $149, and now new information has surfaced that outlines the hardware expectations for the set-top box.

The upcoming streaming machine is said to be debut on September 9, along with the new iPhones and iPads, but has reportedly been scheduled to launch in October starting at that aforementioned $149 price tag. A report published recently from 9to5Mac, and citing unnamed sources, says that there are a few key changes in the upcoming Apple TV 4, many of which will be welcomed, but some things aren’t changing, too.

To start, the pricing of the Apple TV 4 is said to be two-tiered, with the 8GB model (like the current Apple TV option) starting at $149. Above that, Apple is said to be considering a 16GB option as well, which would retail for a higher $199. Indeed, that does line up with the earlier report, and Apple is certainly not shy about launching similar products with key differences at varied pricing levels.

(That limited storage might be troublesome for some, considering the presence of an App Store and focus on gaming on the new Apple TV, but the report indicates that every other piece of content on the set-top box will still be streamed, including movies, TV shows and other content from third-party sources.)

Right now, the Apple TV is running Apple’s A5 processor, but with the Apple TV 4 that’s getting upgraded in a big way. The report indicates that Apple will be using the A8 processor, as is found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which is certainly a nice step up from the A5 processor. However, as many will note, it’s not the A8X processor that’s found in the iPad Air 2, which is more powerful than the A8.

The new Apple TV remote will be black this time around, with dark gray highlights, according to the report. This will better match the Apple TV itself, unlike the silver/black remote that comes packed in the current Apple TV’s box. It will still be made of metal, and there are indeed hardware buttons for Home and access to Siri, plus motion sensors for some gaming elements.

The ports on the back of the Apple TV 4 will be the same as the options that are available with the current option. That means there will be a single HDMI port, a small USB port for troubleshooting needs, and the standard power plug port. The report also echoes similar stories that the new Apple TV will be slightly bigger than the current model, too.

The Apple TV 4 will also not support 4K content, according to the report.

There are several improvements coming to the Apple TV, and based on what you’ve heard so far, are you planning on picking one up?

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