AutoResponder 3: Jailbreak tweak automatically responds to any iMessage or SMS

Did you wish that your iPhone could automatically respond to text messages while you’re away? Then check out AutoResponder 3. The tweak automatically responds to iMessage or SMS messages without requiring you to touch your device.

This comes in handy when you’re in a meeting, at school or driving and you can’t pick up your phone to reply to the message.

What’s good about the tweak is that it has a whitelisting feature as well which allows you to specify the contacts whom you don’t want to send automated replies to.

Once installed, you’ll have to venture into the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings to set it up. There, you’ll find toggles to enable or disable it, integrate Do Not Disturb mode as well as enable or disable having signatures with your automated reply.

In the Replies section, you can create custom replies which you’d like to be sent automatically and select one of them to be the current or default response. If enabled, you can also edit the signature to be sent with the reply.

The last section is dedicated to whitelists where you can choose the contacts to be prevented from receiving an automated reply. You can add as many contacts as you’d like.


Once you’re done configuring, and the tweak has been enabled, an automated reply will be sent to iMessage or SMS messages received from contacts that are not in the whitelist.

AutoResponder might come in handy in situations when you don’t have access to your phone or you can’t use it such as while driving. One of the options that I’d like the developer to add to the tweak is to enable or disable the tweak via an Activator gesture rather than using the preferences pane.

That is all the tweak has to offer and if you’re interested to give it a try, AutoResponder 3 is available for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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