Fourth generation Apple TV to feature universal search; priced at $149

Apple TV

According to BuzzFeed’s sources, the next generation Apple TV will come with universal search that will allow you to search for a movie or TV show once, and see the results from a bunch of different sources.

The search results will factor in results not only from Apple’s own iTunes Store but also other streaming video services. The universal search feature will not be limited only to movie or TV shows though. You will also be able to search for a director or actor name and get results from different sources.

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans say that a cornerstone of the the company’s new set-top box is a universal search feature that will enable searches across multiple streaming video services as well as Apple’s iTunes Store.

Sources say that Matcha, a video discovery startup that Apple acquired back in 2013, is behind the new universal search feature on the upcoming Apple TV.

Additionally, the source of BuzzFeed has confirmed that Apple will be pricing the Apple TV at $149.

It was reported last week that Apple was still deciding between pricing the new Apple TV at either $149 or $199. The fourth generation Apple TV will come with its own dedicated App Store, feature Siri integration, and will also come with a motion sensing remote control. The device is expected to be unveiled by Apple next week and will go on sale in October.

[Via BuzzFeed]