Hulu adds Picture-in-Picture with iOS 9 support

image Hulu

Earlier on September 16, Apple officially released iOS 9 to the masses. For those that avoided the update woes and managed to get the new software on their device, Hulu is ready to help you keep consuming content.

While Hulu’s latest update was actually released on September 2, it’s newest feature is now publicly available to those with iOS 9 installed on their iPad. The process is relatively simple enough, just by clicking on the icon that’s positioned next to the gear emblem during a show or movie’s playback. Once you tap on that, the video will be moved to hover over your Home screen, and from there you can launch another app to get things done while you watch.

To get it to work, you’ll need an iPad Air or newer, or an iPad mini 2 or newer.

The updated app is available in the App Store now, and a link is available below for those that want to check it out.