Samsung to launch its own lease program for smartphones to counter Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge vs. iPhone 6 Plus

Following on Apple’s footsteps, Samsung also plans on launching its own ‘Upgrade Program‘ allowing its potential customers to lease its devices directly from them.

By doing so, Samsung — like Apple — will be able to eliminate the carriers that have acted as a middlemen in the process of buying phones for all these years in the U.S. and offer better leasing schemes.

The source of Forbes said that Samsung leasing plans are scheduled to be launched sometime in the next few months, though the company may bring forward the timeline. He also said that it is a “no brainer why they wouldn’t do this.” Samsung’s leasing offers remain unknown for now.

Apple had revealed the ‘iPhone Upgrade Program’ at its ‘Hey Siri’ event earlier this month. Under this program, Apple will be directly leasing the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to customers through its retail stores in the United States. The lease prices will start from $32 per month for up to 24 months. The Upgrade Program also entitles users  to Apple Care for their iPhone and an upgrade to the new iPhone that Apple will unveil next year.

With sales of high-end devices from Samsung slowing down, it does make sense for the company to launch an upgrade program like Apple to try and stabilise their sales in markets like US. This should also be a worrying development for carriers that have long acted as a middlemen between consumers and OEMs and earned a hefty amount of commission in the process.

[Via Forbes]

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