Skype update brings improvements to messaging and search, revamps design

Skype 6.0 for iOS

The Skype app for iOS has undergone a bit of a maintenance run with its latest string of updates, with tweaks to the software to better enhance the performance of the app.

That continues with the latest update, but this time there’s quite a few changes for the user to really sink their teeth into. With this latest software, which brings Skype to version 6.0 for iOS, Microsoft has seen fit to upgrade not only messaging, but also search, and even the overall experience when messaging other Skype users.

First and foremost, messaging has been greatly improved by way of the overall UI redesign, all with a focus on making sure that people can get in and out of conversations as easily and as quickly as possible. With the new gestures, Skype for iOS users can manage conversations with a quick swipe to the left or right, and even initiate calls quickly as well. Users can share more content in their messages, too, including images, videos, or even emoticons. The user’s location can be shared, too, even while on a voice or video call.

The iPad app has also been updated to receive a vast improvement to the built-in search option, as well as the aforementioned tweaks and additions. Here’s how Microsoft lays it out in their official announcement of the new app:

Skype 6.0 for iPhone and iPad

    With Skype 6.0 for iPhone and iPad, we’re excited to release our best apps yet. Here is what’s new:

  • Redesigned for iPhone and iPad – We’ve redesigned Skype for both iPhone and iPad to make the apps easier to use than ever before. The new navigation is simple, familiar and gets you to your conversations fast. With Skype 6.0 you can use swipe gestures to quickly make calls and easily manage your messages. We have also made it easier to share photos, web links, emoticons and your location while you’re on a voice or video call.
  • Enhanced search – We’ve made it easier to find things in Skype. Simply use the new recents tab to search your messages and find contacts and groups.
  • The features you love, now on iPad – All the features you love on Skype for iPhone are on your iPad too. We’ve made messaging on Skype for iPad a whole lot better – you can share your location, send large emoticons, see web link previews and easily send and receive photos. Skype for iPad also helps you stay in touch with your groups – now start a group chat or a group voice call straight from your iPad.

Skype 6.0 for the iPhone and iPad is available right now. For those that already have the app installed, the update should be available in the App Store now. For those that don’t, however, links to both apps are available below.

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[via Skype Blog]