Sprint’s offering customers an iPhone 6s for $1 per month

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When Sprint launched its “iPhone For Life” initiative, it meant subscribers could upgrade to a new iPhone every year for $22 per month.

Well, the Now Network is changing things up for a limited time, and it has everything to do with T-Mobile (again). If you’ll recall, T-Mobile just opened up its iPhone 6s upgrades through the JUMP! initiative, and, based on the trade-in of a device, you could get an iPhone 6s for only $5 per month. That’s pretty low, so obviously T-Mobile caught plenty of attention for the move. And here we are with Sprint, going about as low as a carrier can get with their latest offering.

Sprint has announced that a new, or upgrading Sprint customer that uses the iPhone For Life program can get a 16GB iPhone 6s for only $1 per month, while the 16GB iPhone 6s Plus will start at $5 per month. That’s if you trade in an iPhone 6, mind you, towards that new phone. If you happen to have an iPhone 5s, though, Sprint will take that trade, too, but you’ll be paying $10 per month for the 16GB iPhone 6s, and $14 per month for the 16GB iPhone 6s Plus.

Opting for more storage hikes the price up a bit.

The deal starts this Friday, September 25, corresponding with the launch of the new iPhones. Do you plan on signing up for it?

[via Sprint]