Twitter looking to remove 140-character limit with a new product

Twitter's new adaptive UI on iPad

For anyone that uses Twitter, the 140-character limit for tweets is a common hurdle, but one that many have already become used to.

That doesn’t mean that most wouldn’t like it removed, though. Now, according to a report published by Re/code, the social networking giant is looking to change things around a bit, with a focus on removing that character limit through a new product. Unfortunately the report doesn’t indicate what that product will be, or how it might work, but the guesses seem to point to a service like TwitLonger, which redirects to a website to read longer tweets.

However, Twitter wouldn’t comment on the rumblings, even as the report indicates that Twitter’s solution to expanding the limit might be something else entirely:

“It’s unclear what the product will look like, but sources say it would enable Twitter users to publish long-form content to the service. Users can already tweet out blocks of text with products like OneShot, but those are simply images, not actual text published on Twitter. A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment.”

On top of that, Twitter is also looking to remove the restrictions in tweets when it comes to character counts, including links and Twitter handles:

“In addition to the long-form product, execs have been openly discussing the idea of tweaking how Twitter measures its 140-character limit by removing things like links and user handles from the count, multiple sources say. In the past, Twitter has tinkered with the limit in other ways. Twitter Cards are still beholden to the 140-character limit but are intended to help people (and advertisers) share lots of information, and Twitter added a “retweet with comment” option in April to give people more room to comment on tweets they share. The company also lifted the 140-character rule on private messages back in June.”

If this is indeed the case, even just removing that specific restoration would help quite a bit.

[via Re/code]