Weekly Roundup: 10 new and noteworthy Jailbreak tweaks of the week (Sep 20)


In case you were busy last week and didn’t get a chance to take a look at Cydia, don’t worry as we have compiled a list of all the new tweaks that were released in the week which are worth checking out.

The newly released tweaks range from bringing 3D Touch functionality to iOS 8 and older devices to enabling your device to automatically respond to iMessage and SMS messages.


AutoResponder 3 ($1.99): automatically responds to iMessage or SMS messages.

CardActivator (Free): triggers Activator actions through App Switcher gesture events.

Clarify ($0.99): brings new features to Spotify app.

ForceTouchActivator (Free): lets you invoke an Activator action by firmly pressing down anywhere on your device’s screen.

Hide Apple Music Transport (Free): hides the share and like buttons for songs in iOS 8.4 Control Center.


Phone++ ($2.99): integrates social media within the Phone app.

Red Notification Grabber (Free): colorizes the Notification Center grabber red when there is a pending notification.

RoundedMusic (Free): brings rounded corners for artworks and playlists in Music app.

Square Dialer Buttons (Free): makes the buttons in Phone app square shaped.

whatsapp wallpapers

WhatsApp Wallpapers (Free): adds iPhone wallpapers to WhatsApp. [Read our review]

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