Activator for iOS 9 released with 3D Touch support and new ‘Shortcut Actions’ feature

Ryan Petrich has released Activator, one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks, for iOS 9. He had released the beta version of Activator yesterday.

In case you’re new to jailbreaking then Activator lets users assign custom actions in response to triggers like pressing the volume button, or gestures like a three finger pinch and so on.  

Petrich has also added an interesting new feature to Activator for iOS 9. It allows you to use an Activator gesture to invoke a 3D Touch action for apps installed on your iPhone.
So you could set an Activator gesture like tap and hold on the Camera app icon, and launch the Camera app directly in Selfie mode. This also works with third-party apps. So you can use the Activator gesture to invoke any of the Application shortcuts available for third party apps.
Activator beta for iOS 9 - App Shorcuts
Activator also includes support for 3D Touch, so it allows you to invoke actions such using the 3D Touch gesture, which is quite neat.
Here’s what’s new in Activator for iOS 9:
  • Support iOS 9
  • Add support for shortcut actions on iOS 9
  • Add custom 3D Touch icon events on compatible 3D Touch devices
  • Support multi-touch events on iOS 9
  • Fix case open/close events being swapped on iOS 8+
  • Fix black statusbar as app is launching on iOS 8+
  • Add system power down view action
  • Adjust naming of custom actions/events to “Build”
  • Add launch playing app action
  • Only remedy corrupt Today/Tomorrow notification settings upon install
  • Update Localizations
You can install the latest version from Cydia via the Big Boss repo.
Activator is very powerful, and you can learn more about its capabilities in our post.

Tips For Supercharging Your iPhone With Activator

Petrich has also released RocketBootstrap for iOS 9. Let us know how it goes in the comments.