Apple could use Samsung’s OLED displays in future iPhones

Apple iPhone 6s - stylish and beautiful

With Samsung already supplying Apple with OLED displays for Apple Watch, the South Korean company could soon be tasked with making larger OLED panels for a future iPhone, according to a new report.

“Apple has further incorporated Samsung into its OLED supply chain to diversify its panel suppliers, causing LG Display to no longer be the sole provider of OLED displays for the Apple Watch,” DigiTimes reports.

“Since the two have bumped up cooperation in the wearables segment, Apple is now receiving samples OLED displays that may be used in upcoming iPhone models.”

The iPhone has always used LCD panels; when the device made its original debut eight years ago, OLED panels were considered inferior in many ways. However, the technology has come a long way since then, and OLED panels actually bring a number of advantages now.

In fact, the “Super AMOLED” displays Samsung packs into its own Galaxy devices are now considered the best displays you can get, with brighter backlights, more vivid colors, and better efficiency than most of their competitors.

It’s no surprise, then, that Apple has been rumored to be considering a switch to OLED for some time — especially after choosing OLED panels for Apple Watch. Now it’s thought that move could finally happen in 2017, with Samsung becoming Apple’s main OLED supplier.

Apple has already received OLED samples from Samsung, according to a report from ET News, and the company is expected to make a final decision on whether to use them in November. Apple has reportedly already “moved forward” with plans for its 2016 iPhone 7.